I’m a Women’s Woman

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Ah! What can I say? I was at a night lounge last night catching up with a few friends over some drinks. I was having coffee of course, enjoying the swank melodies of tunes in the background and having a good time. We had been in the lounge for a few hours now so the crowd was getting louder and drunker. My girlfriend sets out to find some hot, single guys to rape, but ends up meeting a friendly couple. He was really tall with broad shoulders, and she was petite and curvy. She had beautiful blond hair and a tight black dress that cupped her boobies really tight. You could tell she was older, but her skin was flawless and body toned. I’m not really into blonds that much, but she had a great smile and cute dimples. Plus, her personality was very affectionate and warm. I guess you could even say she was a cougar, but then again, aren’t cougars single? We start chit chatting with them about where they’re from, how long they’re in town for, etc. The wife is sloshed and asks me to take her to the bathroom. Well, I don’t know if she really asked, it was more like grabbing my arm and saying, “where’s the bathroom?” So I take her to the women’s stalls and wait for her. When she’s done, she washes her hands in the sink, tells me how beautiful I am and begins to freshen up her make-up. I ask her if I can use some of her lip gloss as mine has tapered off. After she applies it to her lips, she turns to me and plants a hard, wet kiss on me. When we unlock, she smiles and says, “Now, I know you can do better than that!” And kisses me again. This time, I open my mouth and we start kissing against the wall. Her perfume smells of Gucci and her breasts are firmly mounted against mine. She tastes good and I massage her head to pull her closer. She then grabs my breasts, gives it a squeeze and then moves down my stomach and between my legs. She takes a good hold of my kitty and gives it a grab. I start giggling and so does she. She asks me if I want to go back to their hotel room tonight and I tell her I can’t. I have a long day ahead of me tomorrow and I really didn’t know the dynamics of her and her husband too well. That can always be a sticky situation, no pun intended. So I tell her I can’t but we exchange numbers. After re-applying our lip glosses the right way this time and straightening out our hairs, we leave the bathroom and join her husband and my girlfriend. I told my girlfriend about what had happened in the bathroom on our way home and she just laughed, “You’re such a women’s woman! They flock to you! Why is that?” And I replied, “It must be my good looks and charm.”

As I’m writing this to you, I wonder what her husband thought when she told him. To be a guy and so close to having a threesome! It might have been fun if I did go to bed with them, but then again, I didn’t have any sexy lingerie on and for me, that’s all apart of a good show! Maybe they’ll be back and we can all go out again? If so, I’ll be prepared with some thigh highs, garter strap, and racy bra! As for the panties, should I wear a thong or none at all?

Sweet Kisses,

Jayd Lovely

Jayd Lovely shows her bare tits

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

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Jayd Lovely pops her lovely asian tits out of her blue denim top

Jayd Lovely in an ultra short skirt ready to party

Friday, April 29, 2016

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I love mini skirts, especially when they barely cover your ass. That's why I picked this outfit to wear and threw in some cute, hot pink socks. I'm a sock lover because they remind me of those not-so-innocent school girl uniforms. I wear this outfit to the clubs sometimes and it gets me a lot of attention. Probably because the socks are so bright pink, right? XOXO Jayd

I love my Mom

Monday, April 25, 2016

My Mom is the most calm natured, good hearted person I have ever met. She truly is content with what she has and where she’s at in life. She also has the most beautiful soul that’s very aware of others who surround her. Not only that, but she always makes me Thai ice tea, coffee, and feeds me plenty when I visit her in CA. She lives in W. Minister in little Vietnam. Usually, we’ll go out to eat when I see her and then walk around a few malls. We both love to window shop and just walk around. Sure, if we find something, we’ll buy it, but we usually enjoy catching up while on a material stroll :)

My Mother has very light, olive skin. Much lighter than my natural tanned glow. She also has long, black and wavy hair. I have naturally straight hair. We share the same eyes, nose, and lips. I get my darker features from my Dad and his height. My Mom is kind of tall for an Asian woman. She’s also very curvy with natural D bosoms! I had to buy mine, lol. Sometimes, you can find us at the movies or even in little vietnam in CA, walking through the little shop booths. If so, I may have an arm around my Mom leading her to walk faster since she lives life at a very slow pace. That’s one thing in particular that I find special about her. I adore the fact that she truly lives life. She drives slower, walks slower, and even talks more calmly and softly than other people. She stops to smell the roses and in return, appreciates life a lot more than letting it slip through her fingers. I, on the other hand, do everything in a fast paced. To me, there’s not enough time in the day, but when I’m with my Mom, I’m forced to slow down because she doesn’t know the definition of “rushing.”

Did you know that I hired a life coach once? I hired him for 2 months to work on myself last year. I was really stressed and confused at one point of my life and wanted someone to convert my energy into something positive and meaningful. I wanted to be completely honest with someone. I didn’t feel like I could tell my Mom or closest friends things about me because they would worry, so I hired someone to confide to that wasn’t closely associated to me. It was one of the best investments I could make during that time and he helped me a lot. Basically, one of the things we worked on was to slow down and take in everything I was doing. Often, I found myself doing things and not realizing the consequences of my actions until afterwards. So he helped me to re-evaluate, think., and breath He also got me into yoga, which is a soft form of meditation for me. And I also learned to give myself some credit…to not beat myself up about things because in reality, I’m a good person and treat others well, too. Kind of like that saying, you have to love yourself first before you can love others.

So why am I telling you all this? Because I’m fortunate to have good natured people around me whom I can learn from and who live a life that I strive for everyday. I can only hope you have some people like that in your life, too. It’s good to have the right people walk the walk, and be a good example for you. Some people have asked me what my Mom thinks about my modeling career? To be honest, she wishes I was doing something else. No Mother wants to see her daughter naked on the net, but she accepts me for it and knows that I’m smart about it. She trusts me and my judgements so she has never, and would never say or do anything to make me feel bad about it. That’s why I love her and respect her so much. I’m grateful to have such a loving and understanding Mother, and it also helps me to take pride in what I do because I know she’s standing behind me every step of the way.


Jayd Lovely

Jayd Lovely naughty maid strips nude

Thursday, April 21, 2016

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Jayd Lovely as a naughty asian maid stripping naked

Jayd Lovely ready to party

Sunday, April 17, 2016

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Jayd Lovely is ready to party in this sexy little number. Fucking stunning white dress which gives you easy access to those stunning boobs and white stockings that are just simply sexy!

Sex, Sex, and Sex!

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

I haven’t had sex in a while. I won’t even mention how long it’s been because it’s too embarrassing! What gives? I’ve been shaving my legs for nothing? It’s been so long that the thought of it makes me a bit nervous. So let’s pretend you’re the one that’s going to re-pop my cherry :)

After dinner, you take me over to your house to watch a movie. You know I’m super nervous because you’ve read my blog and my blushed cheeks during dinner gave it all away. So you offer me a drink when we arrive to your house. I ask for a glass of wine and you bring it out with some strawberries and grapes on a platter. Yummy, dessert! You then start the movie and lay a nice throw over our legs. I love how you bring me close to your chest and wrap an arm around me. It’s always a turn on when a man makes the first move. The couch gets a bit warmer now between our shared body heat and blanket. After the movie starts some, you take a grape and feed it to me. I close my eyes and take a small bite, enjoying the senses of taste. It pairs with my white wine perfectly and I feel a tingle down my spine. You then pick up a strawberry and tell me to keep my eyes close. I do as you say and you slowly brush it around my lips. I stick out my tongue to eagerly taste it, but you move it away. You tell me to be patient, so I wait with a big, naughty smile. You then put it on my lips again and I slowly bite into it. The juice from the fruit squeezes out and drips down my lip to my chin. You then lick it before it slides down my throat with your own hot tongue. I let out a soft moan because your tongue feels so good and I want it all over my body, not just my neck.

I open up my eyes while you kiss my neck. I start to take off my dress. At this point, I want it all and it’s been way to long since I’ve had some cock. You motion me to take my time, but I’m in a hurry. The dynamics change a bit and now I’m in control. I start taking off your shirt in between some giggles and get you completely naked. I instantly land my tongue and mouth all over that hard, beautiful cock of yours. Taking it entirely whole, I suck on it hard and slow. I’m like a caged animal that just got loose. I deep throat it until I can feel your balls on my lips. When your dick can’t get any harder, I jump on top of it. I begin to straddle and wrap my legs around your back. You suck the nipples of my breasts and grab the cheeks of my ass apart. I begin to lower myself onto your manhood and ride the hell out of it. Up and down, and all around. My pussy is so wet, it’s smearing all over your thighs and legs. The wetter I get, the harder you get. It feels so amazing and I’m moaning, “Oh God!” I completely lose myself when you’re in me…I’m on cloud 9, your dick feels so good. I ride it really deep as to not waste an inch when I can feel myself climaxing. It doesn’t take long, but it’s a strong one. I scream your name at the top of my lungs and collapse. Finally, getting back to reality, I kiss you slowly all over. “Thank you, thank you, thank you. I really needed that.” You tell me you’re up for helping me out anytime, anywhere. I ask you to give me 5 minutes? You smile :) I have a lot of catching up to do.

Sweet Kisses,

Jayd Lovely

Jayd Lovely sexy in green

Saturday, April 9, 2016

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Jayd Lovely sizzling hot in her cute green top and tiny gold panties


Monday, April 4, 2016

What is a frenemy? It’s someone who is your “friend” and enemy all at the same time. Someone who acts like a friend to you, but is always jealous and has ulterior motives behind your back. Another name for a frenemy could be a “hater.”

I think I hit a brick wall with a lot of my so called friends last year. Fortunately, I have a handful of really good, genuine people whom I adore and trust. Unfortunately, there are a lot of acquaintances whom I have found out are just draining my energy and time. I consider myself a good judge of character and have made the distinction between true friends and acquaintances, but lately, I feel that some acquaintances have been drowning me with their sorrows and drama more so than before. Sometimes, I think I’m too nice to people. I’m a great listener and people feel comfortable to confide and talk to me about their thoughts and problems. That’s great, but lately, I feel drained from hearing the same stories over and over again, the same dramatic tale that ends the same and begins the same every week. Then I get mad at myself for allowing them to drain me of that energy and take advantage of my kindness. How do they take advantage of my kindness? Because they never ask about how I’m doing, how things are going? And they simply think that just because I don’t complain much about anything, that I must be on drugs or something because I just let everything roll off my shoulders? Not quite. Everyone has problems, but I choose to deal with it differently. Actually, I take it out in the gym and then move on. I just try to keep my sanity and stay positive. That’s the major difference between me and them.

I just had to vent about this because if I put it in writing, then it’ll help finalize a new resolution for me: Remain a better friend for my friends and get rid of as many superficial relationships as possible. I need to stop “being there” for people who wouldn’t return the same favor because they’re too self-centered to have any capacity of empathy. There! I said it! Whew…I actually feel a lot better now that I got that off my bosoms, lol.

Thanks for listening to me vent, I love you guys! I know a lot of you can relate because it’s human nature to come across these situations and even be guilty of doing it. I know I have and that’s why I want a change. I’m way to happy with my life right now to let anyone take that away from me., especially people who are just acquaintances.

Oh! I’m off to Vegas this week. It’s the AVN awards, too but I will be there modeling for another event. I wonder if you guys will be there visiting your favorite adult stars? If you see me, be sure to say hi. I’ll be the one taking pictures with every porn star with a size DDD or larger breasts! Haha! Just like a true Asian tourist!


Jayd Lovely

The Last Day of 2008!!!

Thursday, March 31, 2016

OMG! Can you believe the year ends tonight??!!! Happy New Year Loves!!!! I always get super excited for the new year. New beginnings, new experiences, new friends, new loves, new meals, and more sex! Have you thought about your new year’s resolutions? Here are mine:

-Get more sleep! I never realized how soft my skin could feel when I actually sleep in. My Mom always tells me that sleeping in is our family’s beauty secret and I’m just slow to learn.

-Tone up abs and butt. I know there not bad right now, but I’m a perfectionist and there’s improvement to be made!

-Learn how to be an affiliate of my site and drive more traffic to it. Look, I know I can’t rely on my charm and good looks for the rest of my life so I need to branch off into other things so I can define a long-term career for myself. I love the adult industry and want to remain in it, but perhaps learning how to do things behind the scenes can help me move on when I age. I know that’s not for a while, too but it’s never too late to plan, right? Don’t worry! I’m not going any where anytime soon!!!

-Do cyber chats! I REALLY want to entertain and interact with you all. It’s a fantasy of mine…how sexy would that be? I just think cyber sexing with all of you would be a lot of fun and pleasure for me. I keep nagging Woody from Foxes to get on it! :)

-Buy a new condo. Mine is too small and not in the safest of neighborhoods. The market sucks right now, but I’ve saved up some money and would really like to upgrade into a safer community and have a garage!

-Masturbate!!! Yes, folks…I plan to get a bit naughtier on my site and that will include solo masturbation with a possible cucumber or lollipop here and there!

-Remain in better contact with my family and friends. I have improved on this this year as it was the past year’s resolution, but I know I can be better at it. We’re all busy, but we have to make time to communicate and stay in touch with our loved ones.

-Get into Playboy. I don’t want to be a playmate, but I would really like to be a cyber girl and add it to my credentials.

-Travel to Thailand or Costa Rica in 2009. Remember my goal of using my passport at least once a year? 2008’s trip was to the Dominican Republic. 2009 will either be Thailand or Costa Rica. I’m rooting for Thailand, first!

By the way, I had a great birthday celebration in San Diego, CA. The weather was a bit chilly but I did enjoy a great birthday cake at Extraordinary Desserts, my favorite bakery. I also saw my Mom and had dim sum for breakfast at a great restaurant in West Minister. Dim sum is a chinese tradition. Usually at these restaurants, they have carts that go by your table with different sorts of plates and you choose which ones you want to try. Then they stamp a ticket which tallies up your meals for the cashier at the end of your dining experience. Thank you for your birthday wishes and holiday cheer. Woody from Foxes.com forwarded me an email from a member who really made my morning that day. I hope you all have a great new year’s eve celebration and I look forward to pleasing your wildest fantasies even more in 2009.


Jayd Lovely :) XO

Hello everyone

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Hi guys, my name is Jayd Lovely and I would like to welcome you to my website. I look forward to reading your comments and I hope you like the pictures that I post for you

XOXO Jayd Lovely

Jayd Lovely Zebra Print and Leggings

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Awesome Asian enchantress, Jayd Lovely, is just the kind of sexy babe you hope to run into on a wild night out. She has the kind of hot curves that turn every head and dresses perfectly to tease you with them.

This gallery shows what Jayd will happily do once you get her out of the club and into a more private environment. She is happy to peel out of those tight clothes and give you one hell of a hot and sexy show.

Jayd strips out of her tight leggings and loses her zebra ptint bra and panties. That body dreamt of across the room is now totally naked in front of you and her naughty brown eyes give a stare as though asking you what you will do. You know she wants it steamy.

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Jayd Lovely is a Poolside Cutie in Pigtails

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Fresh faced and eager to please, Jayd Lovely looks like a country girl gone sensual as she poses poolside in cute lingerie and boots.

Playing with her silky pigtails and stripping down to reveal her fit figure, Jayd radiates sexual allure and warm invitation.

See as she sits on a chair and caresses her ultra smooth pussy.

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Jayd Lovely Peels Her Curves Free

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Tight dresses really do look like paradise hugging the outstanding physique of Jayd Lovely. With a fit body and big breasts, she makes an eye-catching vision.

A professional at titillation, Jayd performs her strip with ease and purpose. she knows exactly how to thrill you and she makes it happen.

Jayd reveals her round rack and heart-shaped ass and then gets down on the floor to spread her legs in flexible display while inviting you to enjoy the pussy view.

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Jayd Lovely Strips Naked on a Desert Patio

Thursday, March 10, 2016

It’s a hot day in the desert and busty Asian, Jayd Lovely, makes it sizzle even more as she steps outside and exposes her scorching hot body to the camera.

She lifts her little white skirt to show her skimpy red thong and strips out of her tiny top to unleash her decadent boobs.

Jayd continues taking everything off until all that she is left with are her clear stiletto heels and leg warmers.

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Jayd Lovely Gets Naked on Hard Wood

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Jayd Lovely really amps up every striptease. She knows how to make every single one into something extra sexy and special.

That is exactly the case as she peels her phenomenal body free of a pretty dress for these captivating images. Her big boobs come out with stiff nipples leading the way and that perfect ass gets into prime position.

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Jayd Lovely in a black mesh top

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

A black mesh top is stretched over the big boobs of Asian seductress, Jayd Lovely. She stands outside by a beautifully landscaped water fall and strips naked while water rushes behind her.

With stiff brown nipples long and pointing, she tosses her brunette head back in a show of pleasure while caressing her busty fit body and beckoning you to join her.

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Jayd Lovely gets naked at the piano

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Stunning Asian dream babe, Jayd Lovely, poses at the piano wearing a very skimpy dress and black satin gloves. She is gorgeous playing with her shiny black hair and bringing her luscious breasts out into full view.

Jayd stretches her legs and slips off her thong. She angles her hot body while reaching between her thighs to touch at her smooth pussy with covered fingers.

Jayd then strips fully nude and balances on the bench while touching herself most intimately.

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